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Beginner Timber Frame Class

Star Hill Timber Works workshops are designed for beginners. The intent of this instruction is to provide students the skills and confidence such that at the completion of the class, they are comfortable and confident in building their own small timber framed structures. We have taught many students that have never touched a chisel or handsaw. All that is needed is a desire to learn. We teach safe work practices; students use both traditional hand tools and modern power tools to cut and raise a small frame during the 5-day workshop. Our goal is to continue to grow the community of individuals that are passionate about what they do. In this case, "Timber Framing." At the workshops, we look forward to seeing old friends and friends we have not yet met.



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Day 1 - Timber Layout & Cutting

Day 2 - Timber Cutting

Day 3 - Timber Cutting

Day 4 - Knee Brace Layout/Cutting

Day 5 - Fit Frame/Raise Frame


TF Terms Tools (Hand & Power)

Square Rule Layout

Timber Lists Layout & Shop Standards Sharpening

Measuring & Checking Techniques

Making Pegs

Shaving Horses

Raising & Rigging

TF Design

Basic Load Calculations

SketchUp & TF Extensions

Reference Documents

Framer's Tool List

1 ½” Framing Chisel

2” Framing Chisel

Corner Chisel


Framing Squares

Combination Square

Speed Square

Box Cutter and Blades

Hand Saw (Standard)

Pull Saw


Outside Calipers

1”, 1 ½”, and 2” Auger Bit(s)

"Big Al" Borneman Layout Tool

Measuring Tapes

Skill Saw


Router & Bits


Chain Mortiser


Eye Protection

Leather Shoes

Dust Mask

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