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Pricing & Approach

Building Community

Our goal is to grow the community of crafts folk that are passionate about what they do. In this case, "Timber Framing."



Classes are held at our shop in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Class fee is between $350 and $600 for a five-day workshop. The class frame may be available for sale.

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Plan Development

$65/hour. Small structure plans generally run $500 to $1000 depending on size and complexity.

We have a number of standard plans for sale and a selection of free plans on our product page.


Host a Workshop

 A workshop held on your property where the host provides materials, solicits students/help, and collects student fees. Host may opt to provide camping or food services (additional fee). These are generally five-day classes.  Instructor fee is $650/day + travel days. 


DIY Timber Frame

We work together to design a small structure. We provide advice on sourcing materials. You recruit friends and family to help (Max 8). Then, we cut and raise a small frame on your property. Instructor fee is $650/day + travel expenses.



$65/hour. Consulting on framing, site planning, shop drawing development, or DIY projects. Available on site, on the phone, or via video conference.


SketchUp Instruction

$65/hour. Online instruction on the use of SketchUp and Timber Frame Extensions that can be used for model development and shop drawing production.

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