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Building Community

Our goal is to grow the community of crafts folk that are passionate about what they do. In this case, "Timber Framing."



Learn to Timber Frame

We offer Timber Frame workshops that focus on teaching beginners the skills they will need to build a small timber framed structure. Star Hill Timberworks teaches a number of workshops throughout the year, check out the event section for current offerings. In our workshops we ensure that students acquire the skills and confidence such that at the completion of the workshop they are able to build their own timber framed structure. We also offer hosting opportunities and private timber framing instruction. 

Workshop duration runs from three days for a basic sawhorse or mailbox build to five days for a small structure build. 

We encourage students to purchase a 1 1/2" chisel and a timber framing layout tool. We can help you with sourcing. For those that are not able acquire these tools, we have loaners.

small structure


Plans and Shop Drawings

This is a great option if you are interested in a small structure such as a shed, gazebo, pergola, sauna, tiny home, cabin, outhouse, woodshed, greenhouse, or any other structure you can think of. We will work with you to understand your needs and then construct a concept drawing, model, and detailed shop drawings.

Our goal is to provide you the information needed to cut and raise your own small structure. We can also assist with next steps like sourcing materials, providing instruction and answering questions.



Build Your Own Structure

We work with you to design your frame and source materials. You round up family and friends and we build and raise the structure on your property.

Depending on size of the project and crew size, cutting and raising this type of project takes 5-7 days. 

This is a great option for a shed, gazebo, pergola, sauna, greenhouse, cabin, tiny home, outhouse, chicken coup, or just about any other structure you can think of. 



Build on Your Property

Host a workshop. We will work up a design and source materials. Then, we will hold a workshop on your property while cutting your structure.

We work together to identify students; The workshop is held on your property where we teach beginner timber framing while working on your frame.  Often, in five-day workshop we can get a small timber frame cut and raised on your foundation.

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